History of ostrich farming

The commercial farming of ostriches first began in the 1850s when pioneering farmers located in Oudtshoorn, South Africa, saw great economic potential in harvesting ostrich feathers. Read more

Ostrich farming in South Africa

Even though ostriches are farmed, they are still free-roaming wild animals. Hence, it’s difficult to prevent damage to the skin, or the feathers of the animal, that’s why natural markings occur on the leather. Read more

Ostrich leather tanning in South Africa

When it comes to ostrich leather, South Africa is proud to be the world leader, with 70% of the market share. South African tanneries are the oldest, most experienced and knowledgeable. Read more

Ostrich leather skins

Ostrich leather is sought after for the skins unique quill pattern. The bumps are formed by feather follicles that close into quills after the feathers are removed. Read more